Induction Forging Machine

Induction Forging Machines
Induction forging is the process where metals are preheated using an induction heater before being deformed with the help of a press or hammer. Metals are heated at high temperatures in order to make them more malleable so that they can be transformed in desired shapes and sizes. Induction forging has its applicability in various domains such as autoparts automobiles industry, agriculture industry and nut bolt tools manufacturing industries.

Induction forging machine for auto parts are used to forge various spare parts as well as big and small assembly line auto parts. The modular design of the forging machines enables forging of customized parts as per industry requirement.

Different types of tools are required in the agricultural industry to get the routine jobs done efficiently. All such tool requirements are accomplished by the Induction forging machine for agriculture which enables forging of engine valves, camshafts, crankshafts, hydraulic fittings, and various agricultural tools.

Whether it's a piece of furniture that needs to be assembled or a large machine consisting of various smaller parts that need to be put together correctly, you need nuts and bolts to keep all the parts together. This machine for nut bolt allows forging of bar ends to create various type of nut bolts and mining tools. Such machines can forge multiple parts per hour.

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