Induction Brazing Machine

Induction Brazing Machine
Induction brazing is a process in which induction heating is employed to join two or more elements with the help of a filler metal which has comparatively lower melting point than the metal elements being joined. Silver is primarily used as a filler metal due to its lower melting points. Apart from silver, copper and aluminum are also used as filler metals. Copper brazes are least expensive as compared to other filler metals.

Induction heating forms the foundation for all brazing processes since it allows selective heating of the elements, better quality of joints, reduced oxidation and acid cleaning, enhanced heating cycles, and consistent repeatable results appropriate for large scale production. Only the part of the element nearer to the proximity of the joint are heated resulting in clean leak-proof joints. The temperature of the rest of the element remains unchanged. Repeatable results can be obtained by controlling factors such as temperature, alloy, positioning of the elements, and cycle time. Induction brazing is usually done to join similar type of metal parts. However, it can also be used to join dissimilar metals by application of specialized techniques and precise expertise since different metals differ from one another in resistivity, magnetic permeability, and thermal expansion.

The induction brazing machine manufactured and supplied by YantramSansadhanam India Inc. is used in various domains such as auto parts manufacturing called as autoparts brazing, fuel line, lubrication line, and hydraulic assembly. Auto parts brazing is done to join various assembly line components and spare parts constituting the automobiles. Fuel line brazing and lubrication line brazing are incorporated to set up and join fuel lines and lubrication lines. Hydraulic assembly brazing enables mending, assembly, and construction of the hydraulic systems. The induction brazing machines are manufactured by using copper, fasteners, and steel components sourced from reliable vendors and chain of suppliers. The machines are customized as per customer specifications to provide better user experience and customer satisfaction. All the machines undergo a quality check on various parameters by a team of quality controllers before being delivered to the customers. The brazing machine supplied by our company is in high demand in Africa, United States, and Europe.

Some of the salient features of the induction brazing machine are their high performance with low maintenance costs, and rugged in construction that makes them durable, robust, and efficient.

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