Induction Hardening Machine

Induction Hardening Machine
Induction hardening is a process in which induction heating is employed to heat a part of a metal to apply quenching to the heated area. This induces martensitic transformations in the metal part thereby increasing its brittleness and hardness. Induction hardening is applied to selectively harden specific parts of an assembly of metal without affecting the metal piece as a whole or without changing its underlying physical properties.

Primarily used for steel, Induction hardening involves heating by means of fluctuating and alternating magnetic field to induce high temperatures suitable to initiate transformations in the metal parts followed immediately with the quenching of the metal part. The core component as well as physical properties of the metal part remain unchanged. On the other hand, the hardness of the treated metal part is increased manyfold. Two most appropriate metals for this treatment are steel alloys and carbon.

The process of induction hardening is applied for treating many mechanical parts such as shafts, springs, spindle and gears to ensure better performance. The effectiveness depends upon factors such as introduction of residual stress and properties of the surface material under modification. The overall process improves the durability of the treated metal. The medium carbon steel hardened by this process are widely used in creation of critical automotive parts that require improved wear resistance.

The induction hardening machine manufactured and supplied by YantramSansadhanam India Inc. is used in various industries such as auto parts manufacturing, spare part creation for larger machines, and hand tools manufacturing. They also serch hardening machines for shafts, gears, spindle etc. The hardening machine for shaft and gears are effectively used to manufacture critical parts of assembly line components and spare parts constituting the automobiles which require additional durability. The hardening machine for spindle provided by our company is also in great demand among the customers. Available with various additional hand tools, our hardening machine is applicable in various domains. All the machines undergo a quality check on various parameters by a team of quality controllers before being delivered to the customers to ensure customer satisfaction.

Some of the salient features of our hardening machine are their high performance with minimal maintenance costs, and longer working life.

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