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Yantram Sansadhanam India Inc. is a well-established and renowned name in the field of manufacturing and supply of induction heating products in India. Here at Yantra Sansadhanam India Inc., we believe in providing the best quality products and services to our customers. Guided by a team of professionals and equipped with latest technologies and procedures, Yantram Sansadhanam India Inc. has made pioneering efforts in introducing the induction heating equipments in a much enhanced manner. The result is a chain of highly satisfied customers and a well acknowledged reputation in the industry.

Frequent research and development programs are conducted within Yantram Sansadhanam India Inc. to constantly improve the quality of our products. Engineering equipment manufacturing is a challenging and highly evolving field where new advancements, improvements, and technologies are introduced every year at a very steady pace. Being an engineering equipment manufacturers, the company keeps pace with the latest technologies to build and supply products that are robust, technically advanced, and as per customer satisfaction. The experience gained over the years and the foundation created by the ingenuity and endurance of a team of highly talented professionals enabled Yantram Sansadhanam India Inc. to provide reliable and versatile products covering the specific needs of the customers.

Whether it is the process of sealing the medicine and drink bottles, removing contamination from evacuated tubes such as TV picture tubes, process of Zone purification, surface hardening, melting, brazing, sterilization, welding, or soldering; induction heating is applied as an underlying process wherever targeted heating of an applicable electrically conductive item needs to be done in a clean, efficient, and controlled manner. Metals like Iron and its alloys are used for induction heating since they provide best results due to their ferromagnetic properties.

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